In forex, people often get attracted to the bonus and try to find the best forex bonus for their own. Forex trading market has become very huge and large since the day it just began with small trades. There are so many forex brokers that it is not easy to find the best ones to work with. One of the main reasons that attract traders to work with a broker is the forex bonus.

This article will be showing you about the forex bonuses: what forex bonuses are, how to get them and how to find the best bonuses for each trader. Just a gentle reminder, you will have to take time and money to research this issue before starting to do this job.



For those who do not know clearly about forex bonuses, this part will be explaining more about what a forex bonus is, and how to get it. Basically, forex bonus is a common promotion offered by forex brokers to their customers who have just registered an official account or do business with brokers for a long time. For those new registrators, there is a kind of bonus that are provided to them without any conditions or obligations such as paying or depositing. You just have to create an official account to claim this bonus. Besides, there is another bonus that requires you to deposit before obtaining the rewards. Now let’s see and make it clear about what forex bonuses are.

Welcome Forex bonus

As mentioned before, there is a bonus which is given to new registrators. This is called “welcome forex bonus”. It does not require any deposits by new customers. Therefore, this bonus is not for experienced traders or normal customers who are already working with these brokers. However, it is not a big deal when they try to claim this bonus. In common, welcome forex bonus attracts new customers since it allows traders to try the system of a broker without much risk. Depending on the brokers’ policy, there are no deposit bonus and ordinary deposit bonus in welcome forex bonus.

Forex deposit bonus

As its name, this kind of bonus requires traders to deposit before they could claim the bonus. In general, this bonus is provided to every trader in the market. Most brokers offer this bonus type and make their own conditions, which require initial deposit or next deposits before obtaining the rewards. However, you are not eligible for claiming the bonus if you do not create any account from the brokers. In this bonus type, we have bonus rate, which is measured in percentages such as 30%, 50%,… Following is an example for your consideration. When you first deposit, you make a  $100 of deposited amount. You also get the deposit bonus, which is 50% of your total depositing. So, when you transfer by some of the available payment methods, you will have $150 from your account in total to trade instead of only $100.

Special VIP bonuses and bonuses for regular customer

There is, of course, another bonus type for those who show their loyalty to the brokers. They are experienced traders, regular customers or long-term clients. The bonuses for regular customers will come to them after they make a certain amount of trading lots. Additionally, there is VIP bonus which is given to those who create the VIP account. This does not apply to traders with regular/ micro or any other kinds of account. It could be said that this bonus type has many benefits and profits than any other ones.


When you finally get here, you may know more about the forex bonus and how to get it. Then, you tend to find the best forex bonus in the market. However, you want to find it in the fastest and quickest way. So here are some tips that we have finally listed out for you:

Carefully researching the forex bonus:

The easiest way to make your own research is to use your search engine on the Internet. Use the most efficient key words such as “The best Forex bonus, best Forex bonuses, no deposit bonus, welcome forex bonus, VIP forex bonus”. Besides, let’s use your favorite browser and searching engine to do this work in the quickest and most efficient way. You will be given a huge list of results to check and test, then to find out more about anything that is regarding to the forex bonus. Now, you have plenty of the forex brokers who offer the best bonuses in your opinion. All you have to do is to make a list of more than 10 brokers and then, check the bonuses of each one.

Collect the information and reviews about the forex brokers:

Nowadays, forex industry has been developing so rapidly that there are now more and more forex brokers in the market. There are also lots of advertisements which show promising profits and attract to all traders. As a result, it is not easy to choose the best ones for your own. However, you still can find the most suitable ones by reading the reviews. However, not all reviews are true. You cannot rely on them completely, of course. In this step, you have to be conscious to check and see which ones are reliable and could be trusted. Nevertheless, there is information about forex bonuses in each review that we could believe in to find the best forex bonus.

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